Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas? 4 Benefits | Full Guide

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas
13 Jun, 2024

Peas are one of the best sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and many more. They also have a lot of antioxidants that assist in strengthening the immune system of an individual. They are a great veggie option for people but can they also be beneficial for pets?

The question arises, can bearded dragons eat peas? Is it healthy for them? Can it even harm bearded dragons? And there are several more questions in the head of pet owners. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas?

Yes! Pet owners can serve the peas to their bearded dragons. Bearded dragons can consume peas on an occasional basis, but not in abundance. Peas have so many essential nutrient elements that help bearded dragons to grow and maintain their health. It has a lot of Vitamin A, fibers, and Vitamin K, and also it provides hydration to bearded dragons.

So the answer to can bearded dragons eat peas? Is yes but Apart from these nutritional elements, it also has some harmful components, such as oxalates, that are not considered to be suitable for bearded dragons. If they are consumed in large amounts, it can also lead to severe health issues. And so avoiding that much quantity to feed is always good.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas?

Pet owners should always feed the peas to their bearded dragons weekly, and they should try feeding them another week if they have fed them this week. This way, bearded dragons will be able to gain all the nutritional elements from peas and won’t feel sick or cause any health problems.

Peas contain healthy nutrients and even unhealthy elements, leading to several health issues in bearded dragons. And so, pet owners must know how often they should consume peas for their bearded dragons and what should be the amount of it.

An abundance of anything is insufficient to have, and this is something that is known to everyone. And this also goes with the case of peas. Pet owners can also try adding some other healthy veggies like cabbage, cucumber, apples, and many others to peas and then serve it to bearded dragons.

4 Benefits of Peas For Bearded Dragons

1: Vitamin A for Healthy Skin

One of the prime benefits of consuming peas by bearded dragons is that they provide them with Vitamin A . Vitamin A helps in making the skin, bones, and organs healthy in bearded dragons. Bearded dragons are known to be animals that are shedding their skins now and then, and so they are in need of nutritional elements that make their skin healthy. Vitamin A also assists in maintaining the respiratory system in bearded dragons.

2: Vitamin K for Blood Clotting 

Blood clotting is an essential mechanism for several living organisms, including bearded dragons. Vitamin K is a crucial nutrient for this blood clot process, and that can be obtained by consuming peas.

Bearded dragons are pets that constantly get cuts, and for this, the mechanism of blood clots and Vitamin K helps in this.

3: Hydration Boost

Peas are veggies with a lot of water content, providing a significant hydration boost to bearded dragons, which is excellent for bearded dragons that do not drink enough water.

4: Fibre for Improving Guts

Fibre is an essential element that assists in improving the guts of bearded dragons. And peas are known to consist of a lot of fibers. If there is any bad element in the courage, fiber helps them to get out and make the guts clean. In other languages, they also act as a broom in the guts of bearded dragons.

2 Risks of Feeding Peas to Bearded Dragons

1: Oxalate Working Against Calcium

Apart from so many healthy nutrient elements, peas also contain some harmful components, including oxalates. Oxalates are known to work against the calcium in the bodies of bearded dragons. They totally stop the absorption of calcium in bearded dragons. 

High levels of oxalates can also cause metabolic bone problems in bearded dragons. And as a result of this problem, the bearded dragon’s skeleton will become weak, and its muscles will also stop working correctly, tissues will stop functioning, and many more. 

2: Phosphorus Depleting Calcium

Another health risk that can happen because of the consumption of an abundance of peas is phosphorus which eventually depletes calcium in the bodies of bearded dragons.

When the level of Phosphorus rises, it is known to cause MBD in bearded dragons, and that will lead to several other health problems.

How to Prepare Peas for Your Bearded Dragons?

Washing Properly

The first and foremost step while preparing the peas for bearded dragons is to wash them properly so that any dirt and harmful materials will be washed off. If the peas are canned, pet owners should thaw them. Heating the frozen peas is never a good idea. 

Chopping in Small Pieces

After the first step, the next thing that pet owners should do is to chop the peas into tiny pieces. This assists bearded dragons in staying away from choking.

Serve as a Salad

There are so many ways in which pet owners can serve the peas to their bearded dragons, and one of them is as a salad. They can add some other healthy vegetables, too, and then sprinkle the peas over them.


So, the answer to can bearded dragons eat peas is yes. Bearded dragons can consume peas, which is healthy for bearded dragons to eat. They provide so many beneficial elements to them and help them in the growth and development of bearded dragons.

However, they also have many harmful elements that can make them fall ill and cause metabolic bone problems in bearded dragons. So, it is always advised to never serve them in abundance and only serve them every other week.


Can baby bearded dragons eat peas?

Yes! Pet owners can chop the peas into very tiny pieces, and then they can serve them.

Do bearded dragons like peas?

Yes! Bearded dragons love eating peas, and pet owners can serve the peas to their bearded dragons.

Are peas safe for beardies?

Yes! Peas are very safe and healthy food items for bearded dragons to consume.

How many peas to feed your bearded dragons?

5-6 peas in a week can be fed to bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat pea sprouts?

Yes! Bearded dragons can consume pea sprouts, but not in an abundance, and that amount is not considered suitable for them.

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