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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lettuce
05 Jun, 2024

Bearded dragons can are preferred by reptiles and loved by many. If you own one, you must have some questions and doubts going on in your mind. They can be anything from their diet to their living. Bearded dragons’ diet incorporates a balanced mix of vegetables and fruits. So, can bearded dragons eat lettuce? Is this an adequate and healthy food to include in your bearded dragon’s diet? You can feed bearded dragons with lettuce, but it is not one of the best options. There are many healthy alternatives to lettuce, and incorporating lettuce into the regular diet of the pet dragon may do more harm than good.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lettuce?

It is good that one should not feed their bearded dragon with lettuce; sometimes, it is an exception. It means that feeding lettuce will not kill your dragon, but you should probably avoid it. 

The low nutritional value and high water content make it not a very good choice, as it may result in digestive problems, bloat, and diarrhea if consumed. 

Lettuce can also make your dragon full and supplant other nutritious foods in their diet. While feeding minimal quantities of lettuce to your bearded dragon will not harm them, there are no substantial advantages in doing so. 

More adequate, health-promoting vegetables should be given to your dragon. Bearded dragons are omnivores and enjoy a mixed diet. Moreover, research has indicated that they do best with a diet of 50-50 proportions of plant and animal products. Therefore, it is good to include vegetables like kale, green beans in your bearded dragon’s diet

The diet of these creatures is essential for keeping them active and healthy. Feeding your bearded dragon can appear daunting initially, and naturally, you will have lots of issues regarding what you can and can not include in your diet. 

What Kind of Lettuce can Bearded Dragons Eat?

The kind of lettuce you can feed your bearded dragon is romaine lettuce. It has been found that lettuce isn’t a good option when you have to ensure that your dragon gets all the nutrients it requires. You may wonder, can bearded dragons eat lettuce, and if so, which type of lettuce? 

Romaine lettuce has the highest nutritional value and is a narrowly better healthy option for your bearded dragon. Compared to other kinds of lettuce, romaine is higher in calcium and protein. But it’s not the best food you can feed your bearded dragon. However, it provides more nutritional requirements than iceberg lettuce. Nonetheless, there are better greens to give your bearded dragons, such as dandelion greens.

5 Alternative to Lettuce for Bearded Dragon

Kale—The Highest-Nutrient Greens

Kale comprises lots of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Kale is also abundant in fiber, making it an excellent source of nutrition and is a superfood because of its many nutritional advantages.

It has relatively high water content and is loaded with calcium, with an enormous 254 mg per 100 g of kale. So if you are feeding your bearded dragon kale, they will develop strong bones and muscles. 

Keep in mind to avoid overfeeding them because bearded dragons certainly can have too much calcium in their diets.

Swiss Chard—Helps in Better Growth and Development

Swiss chard has a meager amount of calcium, but with 51 mg of this nutrient for each 100 g portion, your bearded dragon’s bones and muscles will grow and develop. Swiss chard also includes 1.8 g of protein and 46 mg of phosphorus.

Mustard Greens—Full of Minerals and Vitamins

Mustard greens are another outstanding option to include in your bearded dragon’s diet. They include a lot of minerals and vitamins, including manganese, vitamin C, folate, iron, and copper. They are also high in dietary fiber, including 3.2 g per 100 g. Because of 115 mg calcium per 100 g, mustard greens provide a substantial benefit for the development of bones and muscles of hour bearded dragons.

Dandelion Greens—Good For Hydration

Dandelion greens are one of the most effective foods in your bearded dragon’s diet. This hydrating green includes 85.6 g of water per 100 g, which hydrates your bearded drag as soon as possible. Besides water content, dandelion greens also have 2.7 g of protein, 3.5 g of fiber, 187 mg of calcium, and 66 mg of phosphorus.

Bok Choy—Good in Calcium

Bok choy does not contain as much water per 100 grams as lettuce, but it is still high, with 95.32 g for every 100 g. Unlike lettuce, bok choy is very high in nutrition, so even if your dragon gets full promptly when you’re feeling it with bok choy, it will still take in many significant nutrients. Bok Choy includes some beneficial nutrients like 105 mg of calcium and 1.5 g of protein for every 100 g of bok choy.

What Lettuce Can Bearded Dragons Not Eat?

There are many variations of lettuce, and some are more nutritionally acceptable for bearded dragons than others. It does not mean that lettuce is the best choice for your bearded dragon’s diet. The type of lettuce that you should not feed your bearded dragon is:

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is a variety of lettuce available in any nearby store. It is the most widely accessible, but that does not mean it is helpful for your bearded dragon. This type of lettuce is deficient in nutrients and has a very high water content, so it is good that one should not feed it to their bearded dragon.

Green Leaf Lettuce

Green leaf lettuce can comprise many kinds of lettuce, and some are higher in specific nutrients than others, but eventually, they aren’t the best choice for your dragon. Rather than feeding your bearded dragon green lettuce, you should include leafy green in their diet.  

Red Leaf Lettuce

Red leaf lettuce is another choice, and like any other lettuce, it is poorly notorious. Also, red leaf lettuce is low in iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and many other crucial nutrients. So it is advised not to feed your bearded dragon with red leaf lettuce.

4 Risks of Feeding Lettuce to Bearded Dragons

1: Low Nutritional Value Effect the Health

Lettuce does not include any nutritional value, implying that your bearded dragon is not getting any advantages from eating this food. As per USDA, lettuce contains 22.8 g of water, 0.3 g of protein, 0.3 g of fiber, 8.64 mg of protein, and 6.96 my phosphorus per 100 g.

So lettuce includes no actual energy, the protein is of an inadequate type, and it is very low in significant vitamins and minerals. For instance, Vitamin D, vital for beardies, is 0. Given this, if your bearded dragon consumes enough lettuce, this could lead to your bearded dragon having diarrhea, leading to further health problems.

2: High Water Content May Keep Them Full

Lettuce contains high water content with substantially low nutrition. Moreover, lettuce is almost completely water, and your bearded dragon doesn’t require too much. Bearded dragons have small stomachs and are full promptly, and feeling them with small nutritious foods can prohibit their development and damage their health.

3: Can Result in Hypervitaminosis A

Hypervitaminosis A is a nutritional illness from too much vitamin A. Lettuce high in vitamin A can cause this disorder. Indications Of Hypervitaminosis A are generally found in skin symptoms like skin ulceration, dry skin, dehydration, weight loss, etc. 

These symptoms are most visible around the front legs and neck. If you notice these symptoms on your bearded dragon, stop feeding them lettuce immediately and contact a veterinarian to determine whether your bearded dragon is suffering from hypervitaminosis A. 

4: Low Calcium Content May Lead to MBD

Also, lettuce contains minimal calcium, one of the essential nutrients for bearded dragons. A scarcity of calcium in their diet can result in metabolic bone disorders and other health problems.


So, when it comes to can bearded dragons eat lettuce? Bearded dragons consume a diverse diet of fruits, vegetables, and insects. Young dragons eat more insects than fruits and vegetables, but adults are different. While feeding new food to your bearded dragon is suitable, various lettuce varieties like an iceberg are poor choices. It is so because it does not give your dragon any nutritional advantage and could cause adverse effects such as digestive problems.


Can baby bearded dragons eat Lettuce?

Baby bearded dragons should not eat lettuce, the reason being the same as adult dragons. Moreover, baby bearded dragons should be away from lettuce even more than adult dragons as they need more nutrition than adult bearded dragons for growth and development. 

Baby bearded dragons develop exponentially; every food you offer them is essential to their development. Feeding lettuce will just fill them up with low vitamins and nutrients food that won’t aid their necessity for growth and development.

Can bearded dragons eat Romaine lettuce?

Romaine lettuce has a refreshing crunch making it an excellent choice for salads. Of the prominent salad lettuces, romaine offers the highest nutritional value for humans and bearded dragons. Thus of all lettuce varieties, romaine is the best of the kind.

Can bearded dragons eat Iceberg lettuce?

Iceberg lettuce should not be included in your bearded dragon’s diet. Iceberg lettuce provided more harm than good. It is a nutritionally poor lettuce variety with high water content, which could lead to digestion problems for your bearded dragon. Moreover, it has no calcium or other nutrients.

Can bearded dragons eat Butter lettuce?

It is advised not to include butterhead lettuce in your bearded dragon’s diet. It is almost similar to Iceberg lettuce, which means it is very poor in nutrition and has high water content, which means it does not benefit your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat Cos lettuce?

Cos lettuce is a similar variety as romaine lettuce. Cos lettuce is somewhat more nutritious than other kinds, such as iceberg. But it still gives a meager amount of vitamins and minerals. So it is advised not to include cos lettuce in your bearded dragon’s diet.

Can bearded dragons eat Green leaf lettuce?

Bearded dragons should not eat green leaf lettuce. Even though it provides slightly more nutrition than other kinds of lettuce, it still does not compare with nutritious greens such as dandelion greens, kale, bok choy, etc.

Can bearded dragons eat Red leaf lettuce?

The red leaf in this lettuce can make one think it has a lot of nutrients like other greens, which are beneficial for your bearded dragon. But this is not the case. Red leaf lettuce has deficient nutrients like calcium, essential to bearded dragons. Because of the scarcity of vitamins and nutrients in this lettuce, it is advised not to feed your bearded dragon red leaf lettuce.

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