Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice? 4 Risks | Full Guide

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice
13 Jun, 2024

Bearded dragons are one of the most friendly and peaceful pets to have. One of the prime mottos of pet owners of bearded dragons is to provide them with healthy food items and keep them healthy and happy. 

Pet owners have many questions running through their heads about their bearded dragons, and one of them is, can bearded dragons eat mice? Is it safe for bearded dragons to consume? Let’s get answers to some questions when it comes to feeding mice to bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice?

Bearded dragons can consume mice, but mice are never a safe and healthy option as a food item for bearded dragons. And pet owners should always try not to serve mice to their bearded dragons. When bearded dragons stay in the wild and not as pets, they feed on almost everything, including mice. But, this is not considered nutritious. 

However, pet owners can serve the babies of mice that are mice pinkies to their bearded dragons. 

Instead of mice, pet owners can go for other nutritious options such as silkworms, roaches, peas, crickets, dandelions, mealworms, and a lot more. And in this way, pet owners can keep their bearded dragons away from any risks and keep them healthy. 

4 Risks of Feeding Mice to Bearded Dragons

Excessive Fat Cause Obesity 

Mice are known to have high fat, which is not a healthy option for bearded dragons. If pet owners feed the mice to their bearded dragons, it will make them suffer from obesity and heart problems. Obesity is also known to lead to several dangerous health issues. 

If pet owners have a healthy bearded dragon to whom they are feeding with good, healthy, and nutritious food, mice will never act as a healthy meal. Pet owners should only provide healthy vegetables, fruits, and insects. 

Risk of Impaction 

Another reason pet owners should never serve mice to their bearded dragons because it has a risk of causing impaction in them. The impaction problem happens when there is a blockage in the digestive routes. And that occurs because any solid element comes in the way and blocks the route. 

If impaction happens to any bearded dragons, then that is going to affect the movement in bearded dragons. It can also lead to paralysis in bearded dragons, one of their worst health problems. When these are ignored and not treated, they can also cause death. 

Hair is an Issue 

Everyone is aware of the furs on mice’s bodies, which can be a problem for bearded dragons if they consume them! Due to hair, mice are hard to swallow and digest for bearded dragons. And this is one of the reasons pet owners are suggested to serve mice pinkies to their bearded dragons instead of adult mice! 

Large Size a Problem 

Most individuals define bearded dragons as ” silly eaters.” It means that bearded dragons can eat almost everything in their catch! They are not aware of what is healthy for them and what is not healthy for them. Even though they are too big for bearded dragons to consume, they can even get mice.  

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice Pinkies?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat mice pinkies. 

Pet bearded dragons owners can buy frozen mice pinkies as a treat for their bearded dragons and serve them. Mice pinkies are rich in protein and are too good for the health and growth of even baby bearded dragons. When bearded dragons live in the open (wild), they are known to consume everything. 

When getting the mice’s pinkies, pet owners should always know that they should be considering the age of their bearded dragons and also their sizes. Pinkies should be approximately three days old and boiled in lukewarm water first before serving to bearded dragons. 

If pet owners have bearded dragons suffering from malnutrition, then mice pinkies are one of the best food items to help them, and the same goes for bearded dragons who are pregnant. Mice pinkies will provide them with essential healthy nutrition. 

They are a healthy option in place of any adult mice. There is no body hair on the mice pinkies, but adult mice have, and the bones of mice pinkies are also not developed, but adults have, and many more! 


If pet owners are looking for some health benefits that can be provided to their bearded dragons through mice, this can be bad news for them, but they should never try to feed mice to their bearded dragons. So, the answer to can bearded dragons eat mice, is no. It is considered very unhealthy for bearded dragons and can also harm them. 

Mice are known to have an abundance of protein content, which is too bad for any healthy bearded dragons. However, it can be a decent food item for bearded dragons, pregnant or sick. The hairs on the bodies of mice are also a big problem to consume for bearded dragons as they can cause impaction in bearded dragons, and bearded dragons can also die if left untreated. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat mice?

If a baby bearded dragon’s age is more than six months, it can consume baby mice ( mice pinkies).

Are mice bad for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are only supposed to consume the pinkies of mice and are not bad for them.

Can bearded dragons eat mice sometimes?

No! Bearded dragons can not eat mice. However, they can eat mice pinkies.

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