Can Bearded Dragons Eat Moths? 3 Risks | Full Guide

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Moths
13 Jun, 2024

A mouth is not a specific insect or worm. It is a broad term for a group of insects that belong to the Lepidoptera order. The term ‘order’ is used in biology for ranking animals. In this Lepidoptera order, all of the species are moths. But butterflies are exceptions. Moths are a certain species sometimes eaten by lizards like bearded dragons. 

If you are an owner of a bearded dragon, you might think about the foods that are safe for your beardies. As beardies are fond of insects and worms, moths can attract them very well. But are they safe for beardies? Can bearded dragons eat moths? You will know all about this concern further. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Moths?

No, bearded dragons cannot eat and should never consume moths. Moths are straightly harmful and dangerous for beardies. It has a small number of nutrients, and for the few and inadequate nutrition, you should never put your beardie on a risky meal! 

Moths not only contain less amount of nutrition, but also they are poisonous. Their poisonous actions harm beardies severely. In contrast, worms like nightcrawlers or calci worms are not toxic for bearded dragons.

3 Risks of feeding moths to Bearded Dragons

1: Moth Uses Poisons to Deal with Predators

Moths look decent, but their behavior is not quiet. They also have weapons to deal with predators. Like ants, moths also use poisonous elements for safety. Now, when bearded dragons go to catch the moths, the moths use cyanide to deal with that predator. For instance, the ‘death moth,’ a species that uses cyanide and bright red spots to survive the bad actor. 

Cyanide is a harmful compound that poisonous insects often use to deal with their enemies. Bearded dragons could get harmed severely through the compound. 

2: Parasites or Diseases Harm Beardies Dangerously

As moths are wild, they carry parasites and diseases with them. Moths can be nocturnal, diurnal or crepuscular species. Wild insects contain harmful parasites and several complicated diseases. So, when bearded dragons consume the insect, they also get harmed by the existing harmful compound led by the moth. 

Beardie’s health and organs are so sensitive and fragile. So, when they get infected even slightly, the consequences are vast. Being a pet parent, you need to consider their safety and diet. If they accidentally eat harmful food, consult the vet and get the right treatment. 

3: Deficiency of Other Nutritions 

Bearded dragons are fond of insects. But insects should be in priority only for juvenile beardies, and veggies and fruit should be first on the list for the matured or senior beardies. If they eat insects lacking vitamins and minerals, they will get filled but not healthy, and the deficiency of other vitamins would lead to severe consequences. So, consider the perfect nutritious food for beardies for their healthy growth. 

Moths are initially harmful to beardies. But, you might be astonished thinking that the insect has no benefit, and then you should know about its indirect benefits. 

When the moths are in the larval state, they are often fed to bearded dragons. At that stage, moths are not poisonous as they remain inactive. Moreover, moths have a positive output like bees. Moths can pollinate flowers while they feed off their nectar. Also, this pollination aids differently the flower and other plant-based food sources.

This benefit is not direct, as bearded dragons consume vegetables, fruit, and insects. After the consumption, beardies might get benefitted. After all, moths have no other direct benefit. But they are a harmful food choice for bearded dragons. 


If you were thinking about the question, can bearded dragons eat moths? Now you are clear about its severe consequences. You should never feed the insect to your little pet as moths are dangerous for them. You can choose other safe insects like cricket, mealworms, etc. But do not feed them any harmful options. 

Moreover, beardies are omnivorous. So need not worry about their daily diet. You can make a list of numerous fruits and veggies which are safe for them. Consult with the vet if your beardie gets infected or sick due to unhealthy consumption. The vet will guide you about the do’s and don’ts. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat moths?

No, bearded dragons should never eat moths. Moths are one of the harmful food options for beardies due to their poisonous characteristics.

Are moths bad for bearded dragons?

Yes, moths are harmful to bearded dragons, and beardies get infected by the moths.

Can bearded dragons eat moths sometimes?

No, beardies should never consume moths, and if they consume the insect accidentally, do consult with your vet.

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