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can bearded dragons eat cherries
05 Jun, 2024

Cherries are not just a fruit but a burst of flavors in small size. They are sweet tasting and nutritious for humans, making drool over them and tempting to offer them to bearded dragons. But the main thing to understand is that the things which suit us are equally beneficial to bearded dragons. The beardie pet owners might be offering cherries and wondering whether cherries are suitable for the health of bearded dragons or not. 

The feeders must know what things are healthy for beardies to eat. There are many questions like can cherries are good for them or not. Can bearded dragons eat cherries? Bearded dragons are omnivore animals who need meat and veggies with fruits as a balanced diet. Let’s see, can bearded dragons eat cherries, and what its benefits and risks?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries?

Bearded dragons will love to eat cherries, which are sweet and tempting to consume. However, the nutritional count is not suitable according to the need of beardies. Cherries contain various minerals like potassium and phosphorus. Cherries are also low in crucial nutrients such as calcium and have a lot of sugar. Beardies need food that provides them energy as it will help them maintain their daily activities and not make them obese. 

However, cherries can be good for beardies to eat as they are rich in phosphorus, which is a must for their nervous system. 

Unlike Cherries and other fruits like strawberries, grapes and watermelons are only good for bearded dragons if offered as a treat. Otherwise, it can hamper the growth of beardies due to the high- concentration of sugar in it.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries?

Offering cherries to beardies should be in a small amount, and they can eat cherries in a few count once a month. Normally, humans can eat cherries in any amount. For bearded dragons, there must be a fixed amount for feeding beardies. Cherries are high-rich in phosphorus but do not have other nutrients in the required amount. Cherries contain sugar in very high amounts, which is not fruitful for bearded dragons. Sugar only provides calories, leading to various health issues like obesity, kidney problems, heart failure, tooth decay, and many more diseases. 

It will be painful for pet owners to see their pets going through such painful diseases, which can stunt their growth. Phosphorus works against calcium and tends to react with calcium intake in the body. Eventually, the body will be deficient in calcium, which can cause several diseases like Metabolic bone disease

So, it is good that all beardie owners limit the count of cherries in their diet.

2 Benefits Of Cherries for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons can eat cherries, but the owners must control the count of cherry intake as it can be harmful to the beardies to eat in high amounts. Here are the positive aspects earned from bearded dragons when they eat cherries:

1: Phosphorus Nourishes the Nervous System

Cherries are known to have a good amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus present in cherries builds up in the kidney in the healthy run. It also boosts the nervous system of the beardies and makes them fit for a long time.

Besides phosphorus, cherries contain other vital nutrients such as protein, water, and fiber. 

2: Minerals Build Up Body

Though cherries contain a range of elements, their count is minimal. It also has various nutritional benefits in fulfilling the body’s needs. The presence of vitamin C in oranges, kiwis, and cherries prevents the body from diseases, and it also improves digestion as cherries contain some amount of fiber. Every organism must eat food that fulfills the nutrition count in its body, and they do not become ill.

The preferred count of every nutrient is good for the health of any organism.

2 Risks Of Feeding Cherries to Bearded Dragons

Everyone who has eaten cherries has experienced that cherries are sour, and it is due to the presence of fruit acid and sugar in them. Cherries contain a high amount of acids and sugars, which can react together and cause diarrhea in bearded dragons. 

1: Cherry Pits Choke

Cherry pits/stones are hard and can choke the animal. Due to this, the animal might die. Cherry pits are potentially problematic and can cause mishappenings. Even cherry pits contain cyanide which can eventually kill the animal if eaten in high quantities.

2: Carbohydrates Fail Multiple Organs 

Cherries are rich in sugar count, which eventually increases the carbohydrates. The presence of carbohydrates is a must because it provides energy. However, if carbohydrates are in higher amounts, it will cause multiple failures in the body, like kidney failure, obesity, and metabolic bone disease. So, it is better to feed cherries once a month.

If the owners are confused about which fruit to give, they should consult the doctor for the diet chart. Experimenting is not a good idea as it can cause health issues for the bearded dragon.

How to Prepare Cherries for Your Bearded Dragons?

Knowing how to prepare food for bearded dragons before feeding them is a must. Every animal like something while others do not. So, the following are the steps that should be kept in mind before feeding:

Buy Organic Food Items 

Always purchase organic food items to reduce any chance of risk in the beardies. Organic food items are natural and have less chance of creating any risk. Always buy fresh and ripe cherries for better results. Fresh fruits are rich in nutrients and a safe option without worrying about consequences.

Remove Chemicals by Washing

Always wash the fruits and vegetables to remove chemicals/pesticides as they can cause any casualty. Higher consumption of chemicals/pesticides can kill your pet.

Pitted for Safety

Cherry pits are potentially harmful to eat, and they contain cyanide that can kill at the same because it is very detrimental to any organism to eat. It is good to remove cherry pits before feeding the beardies, as cherry pits are hard in texture and can choke the beardies.

They are toxic and can instantly kill the beardies. 


So, the answer to can bearded dragons can eat cherries or not is yes. We can conclude that bearded dragons can eat cherries. However, cherries should be given to beardies in moderation, as they have various side effects like diarrhea and cyanide. Protecting and feeding animals according to their metabolism is important because not everything is favorable for beardies to digest. It is better to research before feeding rather than feeding wrong!


Can baby bearded dragons eat cherries?

Yes, baby beardies can also eat cherries in the same amount as adult beardies. However, being a baby, it is good to give a minimal amount to baby beardies.

Can bearded dragons eat cherry pits?

No, cherry pits are potentially toxic for beardies, and they contain some cyanide that can kill them. Also, they are hard in texture, and it can choke them.

Can bearded dragons eat whole cherries?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat whole cherries in one go. The main thing to notice is the amount they consume; Beardies can eat cherries once a month.

Do bearded dragons like cherries?

Bearded dragons are picky eaters. Liking or disliking varies with every animal. However, beardies do like cherries as they are sweet and should be given cherries as a treat.

Can bearded dragons eat glace cherries?

Bearded dragons shouldn’t eat glace cherries as they contain a high amount of sugar which is not good for the health of beardies. So, beardies shouldn’t eat cherries regularly.

Can bearded dragons eat dried cherries?

No, feeding canned cherries is the worst choice. Canned cherries are very poor in nutrition and have no nutritional value. So, it is not suggested to feed them.

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