Can Bearded Dragons Eat Onions? Risks & Treatment

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Onions
13 Jun, 2024

As a bearded dragon’s owner, you must be worried about what to feed them and what not to feed them. You could be thinking, can bearded dragons eat onions

Well, onion is a common ingredient used in numerous types of recipes. Nonetheless, this vegetable is not good for bearded dragons, and it may even cause harm to your pet. Bearded dragons can’t eat and shouldn’t be given onions because onions have a disproportionate calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, high acid content, and water. 

Both raw and cooked onions should not be given to bearded dragons. If you notice your bearded dragon eating onions, or they might have accidentally eaten onions, it’s essential to contact your vet immediately.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Onions?

No, onions are not good for bearded dragons, as onions can cause harm to their health. 

Onions include thiosulfate, which is a toxic compound, and the toxins cause intense damage to the kidneys and liver. 

Your pet dragon will not only lose appetite but may also become sick. It is suggested that you do not provide onions to your bearded dragon. You should withdraw the onion from the cage so that your reptile doesn’t have access to this hazardous vegetable.

Onions are entirely toxic for pet dragons and their digestive system. In addition, bearded dragons are omnivorous, requiring protein-rich foods to grow adequately. 

Onion is an outstanding source of protein, but it does not provide enough minerals and vitamins. Another reason you shouldn’t feed onions to your bearded dragon is that it would not benefit from these nutrients; moreover, it may make your pet ill.

Instead of onions, you can provide other vegetables like basil, broccoli, and carrots, which may provide enough nutrients for the bearded dragon.

3 Risks of Feeding Onions to Bearded Dragons

By now, you might have understood that onions are among other poisonous foods you should avoid as far as your pet dragon is concerned. The risks of feeding onions to bearded dragons are:

1: High Acidic Levels may Cause Heartburn

The high acidic level in onions tends to result in a burning sensation on the throat and tongue of the bearded dragon. When your bearded dragons eat onions, they can be irritated and stop eating. 

Giving onions can also result in heartburn and irritation in the throat. The high acid content also impedes the normal process of the digestive enzymes by inactivating them. Ultimately, there will be inadequate digestion and absorption of nutrients in the bearded dragon’s body.

2: Disproportionate Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio May Lead to Calcium Deficiency

In onions, the proportion of calcium to phosphorus is unbalanced. Phosphorus contains a high calcium binding ability. It’s not an appropriate vegetable for bearded dragons due to the ion imbalance they induce in the body. An increased phosphorus ratio will bind with calcium and hinder calcium absorption in the bearded dragon’s body.  

The decent calcium and phosphorus ratio for bearded dragons is 2:1 or 1:1. So when there is low calcium consumption in your pet dragon’s bloodstream, they will extract calcium from their bones. Extracting calcium from the bones can lead to calcium deficiency, resulting in metabolic bone disease. 

3: The Toxification of the Digestive System

Bearded dragons have an extremely delicate digestive system that can cause digestive issues when consuming the toxic substances in onions. If your bearded dragon eats onions, it can lead to a burning sensation, vomiting, and incomplete digestion. In addition, if contained in your bearded dragon’s meal, onion leaves discharge some slippery fluids that fall on the vegetables and greens, making it undesirable for your bearded dragon.  

What if My Bearded Dragon Accidentally Eats an Onion?

In rare instances, if your bearded dragon consumes onions accidentally, it could suffer from some severe consequences. First, your pet dragon will likely encounter diarrhea and vomiting. The high levels of sulfites present in onions induce these symptoms. Therefore, you should keep in mind to remove the onion from the bearded dragon’s cage immediately. You should also call your vet, and they can assist your bearded dragon in recovering fast.

Alongside this, you must take extra precautionary steps to avoid such cases in the future. For example, you could:

  • Single-handedly be in charge of your bearded dragon’s diet, which counteracts the likelihood of accidental onion ingestion.
  • Carefully vet your pet dragon’s diet if someone else is accountable for it.
  • Entirely ban onions at home altogether, even for your family! You might think this is an extreme step but yet a beneficial measure.


So can bearded dragons eat onions? Well, no, they can’t! Do not provide onions to your bearded dragon ever. Onions have a disproportionate calcium-to-phosphorus ratio and high acid content. Although safe for human beings, onions are incredibly harmful to bearded dragons. Instead, you should try dandelion greens, collard greens, leafy vegetables, and green beans in your bearded dragon’s diet. 

You should avoid giving your bearded dragon any kind of onion. If you see that your pet dragon has consumed onions, then you should take action instantly. First, withdraw the onion from its cage and replace it with a safe snack.

If you want to deter the bearded dragon from consuming onions in the future, you can begin by withdrawing all the onions from its diet. Once subtract all the onions, you should start feeding your pet dragon a balanced diet. The bearded dragon will receive all the necessary nutrients and stay healthy. Always keep in mind to read about new foods you want to include in your bearded dragon’s diet. Even food that appears the healthiest, not all vegetables are risk-free.

Can baby bearded dragons eat onions?

No baby bearded dragons can not eat onions. Onions are incredibly harmful to the growth and development of baby bearded dragons.

Are onions bad for bearded dragons?

Yes, onions are too toxic for bearded dragons. This is because it includes so many harmful elements that can damage the liver and kidneys of bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat onions sometimes?

No, bearded dragons should not eat onions, even accidentally. They are extremely dangerous and can damage their body.

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