Mad & Angry Bearded Dragon | 5 Reasons & Signs

Bearded Dragons

Mad & Angry Bearded Dragon
28 Mar, 2023

Nowadays, bearded dragons are one of the favourite pets to have by pet owners. Bearded dragons are known to be friendly, peaceful, easy to take care of, and very social pets. 

Human beings very easy to show their feelings through words, but when it comes to bearded dragons, they can’t express themselves with words. Bearded dragons cannot tell their owners that if they are hungry, they need sleep, they are scared, angry, and much more. 

However, there are a few acts that bearded dragons do that show what they felt then. Sometimes, bearded dragons can be very expressive with their anger. 

Pet owners often look for signs that will tell them about angry bearded dragons. They are also looking for ways through which they will be able to calm their bearded dragons and make them feel comfortable and quiet.

Let’s find the reasons and signs behind mad bearded dragons getting angry and what measures to take at that time.

5 Signs of an Angry-Bearded Dragon

1: Continuous Hissing 

If pet owners are looking for signs that will make them understand that their bearded dragon is feeling angry is when the bearded dragon is hissing continuously. They do this activity when they are uncomfortable with any situations or any other pets. 

In such circumstances, bearded dragons open their mouths and hiss. So pet owners need not worry about seeing such behaviour from the mad bearded dragon

2: Starts Biting 

Another activity that is a sign of bearded dragons having anger is when they start biting everyone. Bearded dragons are known to be very friendly and calm pets to have, and this behaviour of them biting is very rare and a way to show their anger. 

In this case, pet owners should always wear their gloves before handling their bearded dragons because there are chances that bearded dragons may bite their owners, too, in anger. 

3: Fluffing their Beards 

When bearded dragons feel angry, they often fluff their beards, which is known to be dangerous. Bearded dragons fluff their beards, making them feel big, powerful, dominating, and scary. 

However, they also do this act when bearded dragons are feeling excited. In this case, pet owners should be aware of the behaviour of their angry bearded dragons.

4: Head Bob 

If pet owners are watching their bearded dragons bobbing their heads continuously, then it is quite possible that their bearded dragons are feeling frustrated and angry. Also, bearded dragons are shown mainly by male bearded dragons towards female bearded dragons as a sign of dominance. So it is normal to behave in this sign, the bearded dragon.

5: Opening Mouths Wide 

The other act of bearded dragons that shows that they are angry is when they open their mouths very wide. Bearded dragons do this act of opening their mouths wide to show themselves as very powerful and dominating. 

5 Reasons for Bearded Dragons to Be Mad

1:Over Handling 

Bearded dragons are known as very calm and friendly pets. But, there are many times when they feel angry, which can happen due to so many valid explanations, and one of them is overhandling them by their pet owners.

Every bearded dragon has a personality in which some love is staying close to their pet owners and cuddling them. However, some bearded dragons want their solitary environment; they love to stay alone. And when they stay close to their owners and cuddle, they become angry and irritated. 

For this, pet owners should be aware of the personality their bearded dragons own and how they like to spend their time in a day. Comfortably handling them is very important for pet owners.

2: Mating Season 

Another reason bearded dragons get angry is maybe that it is their season to mate. They are known to get easily frustrated during the season of mating. And the reason for this is all because of the play of their hormones. 

This reason for anger is more prominent in male bearded dragons. They are always in an attempt to dominate their region of territory and their partners. And this makes them appear very attractive in the eyes of female bearded dragons. 

This behaviour is normal in every bearded dragon and is not something to worry about. For this, pet owners should give their bearded dragons a lot of space and not invade their personal spaces. 

3: Shedding Time 

The next reason that pet owners can watch their bearded dragons getting angry is that it is time for them to shed their skins. Shedding time for bearded dragons is known to be itching, annoying, and painful, resulting in them being angry. 

However, this depends on the behaviour and nature of bearded dragons. As mentioned above, every bearded dragon has their personality and traits, and when it comes to shedding the skins, some bearded dragons are calm and composed, and they don’t feel rage during this period of shedding. 

Pet owners should take extra care of their bearded dragons while undergoing this shedding phase. They should also provide healthy food items to keep them hydrated and maintain their hydration levels. 

4: Interacting with Other Pets 

Coming across another pet around them also can result in making bearded dragons angry. Other pets in houses, such as dogs and cats, are bigger than bearded dragons, and it can make them feel like predators to bearded dragons. 

Some bearded dragons will try the act of hiding from those animals, while some bearded dragons will show anger towards them. It is also an act of bearded dragons showing signs of dominance towards those animals. 

5: Alteration of Surroundings 

Bearded dragons get habituated to the surroundings they are living in, and that also provides them with a comfort level. When those surroundings are altered, it affects them, and this results in making bearded dragons irritated and angry. 

Sometimes, pet owners change the tanks of their bearded dragons, the rooms, or anything. These all will be new for bearded dragons, and it will naturally take some time to adjust to the new alteration. Till then, it is normal for bearded dragons to show their anger. 

3 Ways to Calm an Angry-Bearded Dragon

1: Warm Bath 

If pet owners watch their bearded dragons getting irritated or angry, they can try bathing them in hot water, which will help them greatly, making them feel calm and relaxed. Pet owners can clean their bearded dragons and play with them by bathing in hot water. 

2: Hold Them Close 

Another way pet owners can calm the anger of their bearded dragons is by holding them close and making them feel comfortable. 

When bearded dragons start biting, trying to hiss, or twitch their tails, then pet owners should understand that their bearded dragons love to get handled that way by their pet owners. 

However, new pet owners should know how to handle and hold their bearded dragons, or it will make them more frustrated and angry. 

3: Feed Them 

The other way to tame the angry bearded dragon is by feeding them their favourite food. Bearded dragons are known to love food, and they are also known to have a good appetite. 

And when pet owners notice their bearded dragons getting angry, they can try to feed them good food items. Pet owners must feed nutritious food like cucumbers and provide a healthy and happy environment. 

When bearded dragons grow, they need food like broccoli or orange. And when they are not fed with these, it is very natural to get angry, and pet owners should look after this. 

Ways to Calm an Angry-Bearded Dragon


In general, bearded dragons are very calm and quiet pets to have by pet owners. But, there are times when they show their anger and need to be calmed by their pet owners. Over-handling by pet owners could also be one reason to get angry with the bearded dragon.

There are so many reasons why they show their anger. Sometimes, it can be some other pet ls with whom they come across, and they want to show their dominance over the territory. 

Sometimes, it can be the shedding period, making them feel irritated and angry since this process can be difficult for some bearded dragons. And there are several more reasons, but pet owners should know about the behaviour of their bearded dragons and how they will be calmed down. Sometimes, a warm bathing session or sun rays can help an angry bearded dragon.


What to do with an angry bearded dragon?

Bathing them with warm water can make them feel calm from their anger, and pet owners can try this step with their pet dragons.

What is making my bearded dragon angry?

When bearded dragons are scared of something, they show anger. They must be scared of some situations or maybe even some other pets.

Why is my bearded dragon stressed?

Bearded dragons can feel stressed when they come across loud, irritating noises, new pets, the temperature of their tanks, and mishandling by their pet owners.

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