Bearded Dragon Throwing Up: Reasons and Ways to Help Them

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Throwing Up
13 Jun, 2024

The bearded dragon is a calm and behavior animal that can be entrainment to keep as a pet. They are fun to watch and great animals for children.

But there are certain things to take care of while petting a bearded dragon. And some pet owners have doubts regarding their health. Especially bearded dragon throwing up. Why do they throw up? Let’s find out why and see some tips for bearded dragons throwing up.

Throwing up is not normal for any organism, and this never happens with any healthy individuals. Throwing up can act as an indication of bad health and uneasiness. And this can happen with any organism, including bearded dragons. When this happens with bearded dragons, pet owners get concerned and want their bearded dragons to get well soon. 

Pet owners often have many questions regarding their bearded dragons’ condition, such as why they are throwing up and what pet owners should do when they are not feeling well. They are throwing up and many more.

7 Reasons Why Bearded Dragon is Throwing Up

1: Salmonella—A Gastrointestinal Disease

One of the most common reasons why bearded dragons throw up is because of salmonella bacteria. Salmonella bacteria are known to cause salmonellosis, which is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Salmonella bacteria are known to be zoonotic, which means that they can circulate from animals to humans, making them even more deadly. 

If salmonella bacteria is in a very slight amount, they don’t harm bearded dragons, but if they are in a high amount, it leads to a weak immune system, gastrointestinal problems, and much more. It also results in throwing up, diarrhea, septicemia, and much more.

2: Dehydration 

The next reason why bearded dragons are throwing up is maybe that they are facing dehydration. Bearded dragons need to have ample hydration; when they don’t get it, they feel dehydrated and throw up. 

To maintain hydration levels, pet owners should bathe their bearded dragons regularly. If they cannot make their bearded dragons bathe for some reason, then they should provide them with water in their tanks so that whenever bearded dragons feel like drinking water, they can easily get access to it. 

Pet owners can also use a spray bottle and use that thing as a mist on their bearded dragons. It will also help bearded dragons maintain their level of hydration. For hydration, you can feed your bearded dragon watermelon, which contains more water.

3: Eating Something Unusual 

The bearded dragon throws up if someone consumes something very unusual and not digestible. The same can be one of the reasons why bearded dragons are throwing up. They must have been consuming something harmful and something that their bodies are unable to digest. And now, they are throwing up those undigested food items. 

If pet owners feed their bearded dragons a lot of mealworms, there is a high chance that they will throw up in the end because their bodies will not be able to digest those. If, by any chance, bearded dragons eat harmful plants, then that can be why they throw up. 

Pet owners can monitor the vomit and watch to see if there is any solid exoskeleton. If there is any such thing, pet owners should realize that their bearded dragons have consumed harmful insects that their bodies cannot digest. If bearded dragons have consumed harmful plants, then the best thing pet owners can do is to take them to the vet, and they will be medicated. 

4: Overeating May Create Indigestion

It is one of the most common reasons for throwing up in any organism, and the same is with bearded dragons. If pet owners feed their bearded dragons more than they can digest, they may throw up the undigested part.  

Sometimes they may also feel stomach ache and unease. This case can also occur when bearded dragons consume many crickets or even phoenix insects. Pet owners should always feed their bearded dragons the amount that is based on the age of their bearded dragons. Pet owners should be aware of the fact that overfeeding their bearded dragons is not going to make them grow fast and healthy. 

5: High Coccidia Count 

If there is the presence of coccidia in the body of bearded dragons, then that can also lead them to throw up and feel sick. And also it can turn into more dangerous situations. But if pet owners take them to the vet and start the medications soon, there is a high chance that bearded dragons will become alright. 

Coccidia can also find in other animals, such as baby dogs and cats. Coccidia is recognized as a small-sized parasite that is very harmful. Other bacteria in the bodies of bearded dragons are known to help coccidia grow. And the vet will treat bearded dragons and make them fine.

6: Indigestion Issues 

UVB is known to help bearded dragons with digestion, and pet owners should take care of that. With UVB lights’ assistance, digestion’s breaking step becomes very easy and smooth. And when bearded dragons are deprived of this, digestion becomes a bit tough, resulting in throwing up. 

7: Feels Impacted 

The last reason that causes bearded dragons to throw up is maybe that they are impacted, which leads them to feel uneasy. Bearded dragons are often not in the mood to consume anything, and when pet owners feed them food items, they will feel sick and impacted. The result of this will be throwing up. 

5 Ways to Help a Bearded Dragon That Is Throwing Up

1: Bathing Soothes 

When bearded dragons feel sick, one of the most significant things pet owners can do for them is to take a bath in water at a suitable temperature. While pet owners are making them a bath, they can add their favorite toys in the water so that bearded dragons will enjoy the bathing process and feel at ease. 

Making bearded dragons bathe is advised because most of the time, when bearded dragons are throwing up, they are not appropriately hydrated, and bathing them is a great idea. However, pet owners should ensure that the water only to the shoulders of bearded dragons is not in excess. 

2: Baby Food Provide Enough Nutrients

The next thing pet owners can do when their bearded dragons are not well and throwing up is feed them healthy baby food. It is so because, these times, bearded dragons cannot consume healthy nutrients, making them feel sicker and weak. 

Pet owners are advised to feed them baby food because it is known to be very gentle for the bearded dragons’ stomachs, making them feel good. However, there are other healthy food items that pet owners can try feeding to their bearded dragons: mashed potatoes, canned pumpkin, butternut squash, and many others.

3: Monitor the Temperature of the Tank 

One reason pet owners notice their bearded dragons are throwing up is the temperature fluctuations. To get on the safe side and avoid such conditions, pet owners should check the tank’s temperature where bearded dragons are staying. 

If the tank of a bearded dragon is too cold, it is quite possible that bearded dragons can have difficulties digesting the food items, and they will feel the urge to throw up and feel sick. And if pet owners notice this with their bearded dragons, they must alter the temperature and take care of their bearded dragons. 

4: Maintain the Hygiene of the Tank 

Maintaining the hygiene of the tank and keeping it clean is one of the most basic yet significant things pet owners should do when bearded dragons throwing up. Cleaning the tank will eliminate all the negative stuff from the tank that may harm bearded dragons by making them sick. 

5: Visit Vet 

If throwing up in bearded dragons becomes very serious, pet owners should take their dragons to visit the vet nearby. They will assist them by analyzing the situation of bearded dragons and providing them with the proper medication that will make them feel at ease. 


Bearded dragons throwing up sometimes feel sick and throw up. They do this for many reasons, such as when they feel dehydrated or impacted due to coccidia, indigestion, and many more. It will be good if you consult to vet when you see your bearded dragons throw up. 

If pet owners are watching their bearded dragons throwing up, they can follow some steps, such as pet owners can make them bathe, cleaning up the tank, making them eat baby food, and more. 

Why is my bearded dragon throwing up blood?

If pet owners watch their bearded dragons throwing up blood, they may have problems with their livers.

Why is my bearded dragon throwing up mucus?

If bearded dragons are throwing up mucus, they may be suffering from some respiratory problems, or they will have respiratory issues.

Why is my bearded dragon throwing up water?

The bearded dragon is throwing up water because they are overly hydrated, and throwing up will ease them.

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